Who Are Valkyrie Solutions?

Founded by Declan Hill and Christopher Marenghi, two ex-serving members of the Parachute Regiment. Who upon leaving the military made a transition into the private security industry. They have uniquely operated in many different specialist roles such as close protection, high value asset protection and covert surveillance in often high threat, extreme pressure, and challenging environments.

The pair formed Valkyrie Solutions ltd through a shared passion for protective services. With a combined experience of working with UHNW individuals, foreign royalty, and Government corporations in the UK or abroad. They are well versed in what is required to deliver the highest standards. Valkyrie Solutions is built on a foundation of proud military values and a modern, problem solving approach to risk mitigation.

Valkyrie Solutions ltd aim to make their mark within the security sector, seeking new challenges at every opportunity. Their purpose is to educate business owners on the endless benefits that private protective services can provide. The company do not operate a “one size fits all” approach and understand every client has unique requirements. Therefore, a bespoke security package will be drawn up to ensure standards and requirements are exceeded every time.

The company has big aspirations for the future and aim to be a highly respected provider of prestige protective and risk mitigation services in the UK and internationally.